New Compact Frame

The new design features a smaller frame, a unique weight-performance-ratio and greater stability of the excavator thanks to the center of gravity being moved to the rear.

Up To 30% More Cutting Force

The Eagle III line has been designed to increase the cutting force on all models, the new design of the jaws allows up to 9% larger opening to maximize work when scrapping.

Redesigned Upper Jaw

Lower jaw is machined from solid 160 mm thick Hardox® steel plate and then completely milled to keep the mechanical characteristics of the steel unchanged and to avoid possible weakening due to high temperatures during both, the cutting process and the machining phase.

New Cutting System

A single integrated guide puck allows the upper jaw to use 100% of the cutting capacity even at difficult angles, such as when cutting tanks and reduces the deflection of the upper jaw. This results in increased productivity.

New Upper Jaw Design

Machined in every part, completely redesigned to operate with absolute stability and precision, made from a single element without welding; equipped with a new type of exchangeable piercing tips that offers greater protection and reliability, with easier maintenance, reduced costs and downtime. The blade seats are milled from the solid to increase resistance.

New Oversized Cylinder

The cylinder is inverted to protect the rod inside, the enlarged bore develops more power by accelerating the cycles (opening and closing speed). Completely forged rod from the solid, ensuring superior resistance compared to a conventional cylinder. Equipped with premium quality seals that can last up to 3.000 hours.

New Armored Plates

The most heavily used parts are armored with interchangeable Hardox® 500 steel plates installed on the jaw profiles to avoid frequent maintenance operations that could affect the operational readiness of the shear.

The armoring allows the shear to resist any impact without altering their structure, maintaining a very high level of wear resistance. Once worn, the armored parts can be replaced, restoring the longevity of the equipment.

Real-Time Tracking

The Smart Box controls the attachment remotely thanks to 9 different sensors, including GPS, hour counter and shock detector.

Easy Maintenance

The EAGLE 3 series is designed to maximize its durability and can be maintained without complex interventions. The heavy-duty pivot components contribute to durability and long life, the central pin of the shear can be easily removed, directly on job-site with simple and quick interventions.

Redesigned bolt-on Piercing-Tip

Made of alloy steel for maximum durability

Redesigned Upper Jaw

Machined from solid 160mm thick plate steel

Guide system integrated inside the frame

Releases 100% of the cutting capacity and reduces upper jaw deflection

Heavy Duty Removable Pivot

easy to remove and maintain, improve performance and durability

Cylinder bore size increased

Heavy duty seal kit for extended life time performance

Tracking in Real Time

Analyzes performance and statistics

Heavy Duty Rotation Group

360° powered continuous rotation

Latest Generation Speed Valve

Reduces cycle times by 20% to increase productivity

Compact Frame-Design

Optimizes Center of Gravity for better stability of the excavator

New Hardox® 500 Armored Plates

Abrasion-resistant protective system

Jaws are high pressure water jet cut from Hardox® plate steel

Made from a single element without welding

New Hardox® 500 Armored Plates

Abrasion-resistant protective system


Mantovanibenne, established in 1963, is the head company of the multinational MBI Group, which is specialized in designing, manufacturing and marketing attachments for the construction, demolition, recycling and earth moving industry.

Our product range includes concrete crushers, multisystems, steel shears, pulverizers for secondary demolition, grapples for handling, magnets and much more.

The EAGLESHEARS-line was born from the need to offer our customers a line designed for efficient processing of secondary raw materials coming from construction, demolition, steel processing industries and recycling.

Since the first SH shear produced in Italy in the early ‘90s, our goal has always been to design a reliable and efficient product in all operating conditions. Our shears are used on crawler and mobile excavators, on demolition equipment, in scrap recycling yards, but also in environments with extreme temperatures and also in offshore and subsea applications.

The new generation of shears in the SH EAGLE 3-line is for me the result of almost 30 years of research, effort and determination to improve one of the most loved and appreciated products by our customers.

Paolo Mantovani – C.E.O.


3.000 hours of development

More than 3.000 hours of development work have resulted in a completely new shear that is lighter, more compact and more powerful.

10.000 hours of testing

In more than 10.000 hours of testing all over the world, the new EAGLE 3-shear has been used in everything from primary demolition of massive steel structures to secondary demolition of heavy vehicles. Those who have had the opportunity to try it have not spared themselves and did cut the toughest steel alloys with large thicknesses. Your satisfaction is our goal.

20 industry specialists

More than 20 industry specialists with decades of experience from 5 different countries were involved to develop exactly the product the customer requires.

Extensive investments

Extensive investments were made to modernise the production facilities and improve performance.

New methods for processing

New methods for processing raw materials such as high-pressure water jet cutting of steel are used.


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